TV and media production

Goldene Zeiten Entertainment GmbH is a TV and media production based in Hamburg.

Barbara Schüßler, Geschäftsführung

Our main area is user generated content: Media content created by the users themselves. First and foremost, of course, these are funny videos! The mainly German-speaking funny amateur or mobile videos we use in our own productions, but they also convey to others. Because every now and then we get inquiries from all over the world. TV editors and media professionals are looking for funny videos for their own home video programs. Most of all videos that have not been widely distributed on social media or Youtube.

That’s how the idea for our video pool came about. There, anyone who just happened to have filmed something funny or spectacular can offer their video. On the other hand, media professionals will find a pool of various funny videos with us that can not be seen everywhere. And constantly new videos are added.

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New on RTL NITRO (in german language):

“CRAZY WHEELS: Abgefahren und durchgedreht”

This is all about wheels! It’s about engines, incredible stunts, hot tires, and it really gets down to business. Miriam Höller, who as an action model hangs on a flying helicopter, moderates, and the incomparable Monty Arnold comments! It rattles and crashes, and the party soundtrack is full throttle! Especially the guys should be happy about it. Every Thursday at 21:10!